Thai- Kickboxing Classes

Kids Kickboxing (9 - 13)


Kids have fun staying active well punching, kicking,  pads, heavy bags in a safe environment also learning self defense . 

Beginner Thai-Kickboxing


If you are interested in learning more or just  what to see what it is all about this is the class for you!! 

Learn Thai- Kickboxing movements, combos, conditioning at your own pace well having fun. 

Self Defense


Learn how to use your own 8 weapons you carry everyday!!

(punches,kicks,elbows,knees) and strike in areas that are affective.

 Don't be paranoid just be prepared.

Female Cardio Kickboxing


 Have fun punching, kicking, elbows, knees and self defense with cardio. 

Fighter Training Muay Thai / Kickboxing (Ring Ready)


Train like a fighter. thinking about fighting or experienced fighters. Train in a ring and work hard to join our traveling Fight Team 8-16 and compete in fight events .

Sports Conditioning Class


-Personal Training, 

-Sports Performance 


-Athletic Conditioning

We offer training from beginners to Gold !!

Start your journey  


Professional Personal Training


Harrow Performance offers programs for a variety of different sports, ages, and levels (beginners to pro). Athletes will develop efficient movement skills, game speed, quickness, balance, core strength, rotary power, full body strength, and anaerobic conditioning. Translated into; increased sport skills, overall performance, and injury prevention.

Our 25 years of experience in Professional Personal Training sessions allows for individualized attention that cultivates personal development such as leadership skills, work ethic, respect, good attitudes, mental awareness and other attributes that help to become daily habits recognized by coaches as skills needed to be successful in sports and in life.

Specializing in:

  • Personal Training 
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Athletic Conditioning

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